Sept 3rd // CH2 Sketch Out Now

We made a sketch for College Humor's CH2 channel called "Romantic Comedy From The Best Friend’s Perspective". It stars Colin O'Brien, Billy Bob Thompson and Elyse Brandau. Check it on their YouTube channel and subscribe!

June 22nd // AV Club Feature

The show received a great write-up on The AV Club! Check it here!

Season Two Finale Out Now!

Here it is, the end of Season Two: The Neverending Party.

April 22nd // Comedy Cake Feature

Low Budget Sketch Show received this fantastic write-up on Comedy Cake!

April 20th // Season Two: Episode 4

Episode 4 of Season Two has officially hit the little screens!

March 23rd // Season Two: Episode 3

We're thrilled to announce Episode 3 of Season Two is out now!

Feb 23rd // Season Two: Episode 2

The second episode of Season Two is out now!

Jan 26th // Season Two: Episode 1

It's finally here. The premiere of Season Two!

Dec 23rd // Christmas Special Out Now

The Low Budget Sketch Show Christmas Special is out now!

Dec 2nd // Christmas Video Show

Low Budget Sketch Show is presenting a very special Christmas Episode at our Christmas Video Screening at Videology in Brooklyn on Sunday 21st December at 7pm. The event has been listed in Time Out as one of the best free things to do in New York this Christmas!

August 12th // New York Times

Low Budget Sketch Show was mentioned in this article called "What to Watch (if You’ve Seen the Rest)" in the New York Times today!

August 11th // New Cast Members

The crew of Low Budget Sketch Show are working hard on plans for Season 2 right now, and to signify all the new changes, we'd like to welcome two new additions to the cast! Lily Du and Mo Fry Pas will be jumping onboard for a new season this Fall.

July 7th // Episode 5: Season Finale

Our season finale is out now! Featuring Bridey Elliott's "Weekly Complainthon", Prank Bank and How To Open A Bottle of Wine With No Corkscrew. Check it out on our Episodes page or YouTube Channel.

July 3rd // Charity Promo

Elyse and Tamsi explore why no one has money for anything these days in our latest promo for Episode 5.

July 1st // Funny or Die Community

Low Budget Sketch Show has been welcomed by Funny Or Die Community!

June 10th // New York Observer

We were written about in the New York Observer! Some great quotes: "Having a low budget is sort’ve becoming synonymous with having a low quality... Not so with the Low Budget Sketch Show... [for whom it] isn’t so much a stigma as it is a badge of pride." Read the full article here!

June 9th // Episode 4

Our newest episode is out now! Featuring monologue "Incoherent Ramblings at 6am", a commercial for Tortilla Fax Machines and reality show parody "Dropped Drunk!" Check it out on our Episodes page or YouTube Channel.

May 30th // TubeFilter

Spotted: A wonderful review of Low Budget Sketch Show over at TubeFilter! Quote: "Low Budget Sketch Show‘s ability to get a lot of mileage out of its apparently small funding is impressive. It’s simple, fun, and a solid use of four minutes." Check out the article here.

May 29th // Pizza Promo

Watch Pat eat a depressing dinner in our promo for Episode 4.

May 15th // Splitsider

This week Low Budget Sketch Show was listed on Splitsider as one of the The 5 Best New Web Videos/Series You Almost Definitely Haven't Seen!

April 5th // Thank you

Thank you to everyone who came to our premiere last night at Videology. We filled the whole screening room! The first three episodes will be going online very soon so keep your eyes peeled.

March 15th // Premiere Event

Low Budget Sketch Show will be premiering the full first three episodes of the show, and featuring some live comedy from its cast members at a premiere event at Videology in Brooklyn on April 4th at 10.30pm. Entrance is free so come on by!

March 1st // Spodee Partnership

Very happy to announce Low Budget Sketch Show's new partnership with Spodee Wine!

Feb 17th // Help Liza Dye

Liza Dye, one of our cast members, was hit by a subway train and needs our help to raise money for hospital bills. Help get Liza better! We need her! You can keep track of her on Twitter or Tumblr pages.

Jan 29th // Bridey Elliott Joins Team

Big news! The first episode of Low Budget Sketch Show will premiere on April 1st, 2014 with Bridey Elliott joining our cast as the host!

Jan 20th // Kompanion Kitchen out now

Our latest sketch Kompanion Kitchen: The Hi-Tech Kitchen For Single People is out now. You can watch it on YouTube or Funny or Die. Written by Karen Lo, Directed by Jorja Hudson, Produced by Stephen Gardella and Shot by Ethan David. Starring Elyse Brandau and Billy Bob Thompson.

Jan 14th // 96th Street Shoot

After having to reschedule our December shoot due to a snowstorm, we have now been able to regroup and shoot 96th Street, written by Cyp Stephenson. It went well! It was cold. Stay tuned for more Chonuts.

Jan 1st // Cast Photoshoot

We now have a bunch of wonderful group photos of our new cast up on the gallery page! Taken by New York photographer Samar Al Khudhairi.

December 14th // Promo

We were supposed to be shooting outdoors today, but there was a snowstorm. That's just life in New York in the winter on a cold day. Begrudgingly, we made the most of it and shot this short promo where we attempt to describe what Low Budget Sketch Show is about. Check it out on YouTube or Funny or Die.

December 1st // Cast Members

Our series consultant Daniel Mirk suggested we find a cast of regulars. So we did! We picked from the best up and coming performers and comedians from the Upright Citizens Brigade to put together a cast like no other. Can't wait to work with you: Billy Bob Thompson, Colin O'Brien, Elyse Brandau, Liza Dye, Mark Vigeant, Patrick Foy and Tamsi New!

Ogle them on our Cast page.

November 20th // Pretentious For The Wrong Reasons

A very funny date sketch written by Shira Rachel Danan is out now. Starring Tamsi New, Colin O'Brien and Laszlo Toth. Directed by Jorja Hudson, Produced by Stephen Gardella and Jordana Jason. Check it out on YouTube or Funny or Die.